January 2019

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GameSite Forum Rules

Follow these rules and guidelines so we will have a fun and safe environment.
Rules are subject to change without warning

Do Not Post, Warez, Porn or Advertising (Links to other sites).
If we see this happening it will result in automatic ban.

Do Not run any .dat, .exe file given to you via private message from unknown ppl. If it did not get posted in the forums, it is fake do not run
Please report anything unusual to a admin or mod

General Rules:

*No flaming, flaming any user will not be tolerated, it is completely unacceptable, people can be easily offended by this.
*Don't post other people's hacks or trainers without the permission of the Creator or give the credits to the Creator otherwise it will be removed without warning.
*No double posting because this can lead to spam which is not allowed, if you double post by mistake you can click edit and delete the post yourself.
*Don't bump old threads. This rule is to maintain order around the forums, by bumping old threads it mixes up forums with old topics, hacks etc, threads die for a reason so just leave them be.
*You Must Put Virus Scan In Your Post.

For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

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