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Lets Get Back Wildereness And Free Trading In RuneScape

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Lets Get Back Wildereness And Free Trading In RuneScape

Post by [gS]-Rojeh on Sat Dec 25, 2010 10:44 pm

hey guys!

now it us chance to get us special things back for runescape!

runescape opened poll for back for us wildereness for dangerous place again

and free trading with players

mean u can trade with players without limits

runescape searching for 1,000,000 + votes

else they wont get them back

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] YES!

Current Votes : 334337 (Time : 6:43:11 PM , hours , minutes , seconds , AM/PM)

  • - Unrestricted Free Trade between players
  • - Unlimited staking in the Duel Arena
  • - The Grand Exchange would remain, but with the lower and upper price limits removed
  • - Party Room drop restrictions removed
  • - Item Lending still available
  • - Assist System still available
  • - LootShare and CoinShare still available

  • - The Wilderness becomes a rather dangerous area again and players can kill each other for their items
  • - PVP, Bounty and Bounty +1 Worlds removed (game mechanics may be re-used in the future)
  • - New objects that affect combat will be analysed on an individual basis
  • - Gravestones will still be used outside of the Wilderness
  • - Various PVP items and gear will still be available and won’t become 'rares'
  • - Revenants patrolling the Wilderness will be relocated
  • - Content located in the Wilderness will be reviewed as follows:

    • - Quests (e.g. Spirit of Summer) and Activities (e.g. Clan Wars) will be relocated
    • - Other content (e.g. Treasure Trails, the Beacon Network and D&Ds) will be looked at on a case-by-case basisz



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